Where to Wine in Franschhoek

The lush land of Franschhoek is home to some of South Africa’s favourite cultivars and wines produced in the most classic styles. For quality time spent indulging in SA’s finest wines with a pairing of your choice, here are 5 of our recommended wineries we suggest you visit.

1. Haute Cabrière Wine Estate

For a perfectly blended experience of wine, culture and fascinating history: Haute Cabriere is one of Franschhoek’s most prized food and wine destinations. If you are keen to spend an afternoon enjoying a refreshing meal to views of the Franschhoek sunset, this spot is the ideal choice as it is situated on the scenic slopes of the Franschhoek Pass. 

We recommend you try their beloved Chardonnay Pinot Noir which is a captivating blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, creating a splendid balance of elegant fruit and acidity. 

You can reach them on 021 876 8500. 

Haute Cabriere Wines

Photo courtesy of Haute Cabrière Wine Estate

2. Dieu Donne Vineyards

 Dieu Donne is a winery overlooking the Franschhoek Valley, with the most amazing vistas of the Winelands. It’s no wonder that this boutique destination is means ‘God Given’. This gorgeous spot is perfect for any time of year. A summer’s day allows you to laze on the grass with your glass in hand accompanied by a cheese platter, whereas chilly winter weather would call you to enjoy your delicacies beside the indoor fire. 

You can reach them on 021 876 2493.

Dieu Donne

Photo courtesy of Dieu Donne Vineyards 

3. Chamonix Wine Farm

Chamonix is a magnificent wine farm firmly tucked away in unspoiled nature for over 350 years. This gem takes pride in not only producing award-winning wines, but also their very own spring water which is bottled from crystalline mountain water. What makes Chamonix Wine farm special is that along with premium wine tasting, you can also enjoy a unique African experience in the heart of the Cape Winelands with their Game Drive experience.

The cool breezes during the hot summer months, along with their stony, clay-rich soil, make their wine unique in character and style. We recommend you try their superb oaked and unoaked Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs.

You can reach them on 021 876 8400.


Photo courtesy of Chamonix Wine Farm

4. Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards

 Family first is the key theme when it comes to Leopard’s Leap Vineyards. This elegant, yet informal and relaxed food and wine destination has captured the hearts of many. Their aim is to produce easy-drinking quality-wine fit for any occasion. To tie in with the theme of family, they offer some outstanding food tasting facilities! Their South African Table allows guests to share a meal celebrating the diversity of South African heritage. 

We suggest you try their Chardonnay which reveals a voluptuous, medium-bodied unwooded blend. 

You can reach them on 021 876 8002.

Leopards Leap

Photo courtesy of Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards

5. Colmant Cap Classique and Champagne 

If your palate is having a bubbly kind of day, we suggest you head over to Colmant Cap Classique & Champagne. Dedicated to bubbly enthusiasts, this family-owned prides themselves on their impressive range of MCC and distinctively unique Pinot Meunier. Treat yourself to their Bubbly Experience, a thrilling group experience where you can indulge in an exclusive Cap Classique & Champagne tasting, where you get to experience a blind tasting of 10 different bubblies and watch a live Sabrage demonstration. 

You can reach them on 021 876 4348.


Photo courtesy of  Colmant Cap Classique and Champagne

6. Franschhoek Wine Tram 

If you’re keen on leisurely experiencing the best of Franschhoek’s wine offering, we suggest you try the Franschhoek Wine Tram. Journey through Franschhoek’s opulent vineyards, whilst embracing the open air and stopping at some of the valley’s most historic and celebrated wine estates. 

You can reach them on 021 300 0338.

Franschhoek Wine Tram

Photo courtesy of Franschhoek Wine Tram 

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